Create a neutral modern farmhouse Christmas table this holiday. Let mel show you 3 tips to help you create a holiday table that is simple and will last through the New Year.


All photography by Wendy Vonsosen.

Neutral modern farmhouse christmas table


I love creating tables for each season and holiday. Generally, I use what I have on hand and mix in natural elements to give it a fresh feel. I love the look of this neutral holiday table. And I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to replicate in your own home!


Create a Simple Christmas Centerpiece without flowers


Modern Farmhouse Christmas Table


I knew I wanted to create a centerpiece for this modern farmhouse Christmas table that didn’t involve flowers. While I love the look of fresh flowers, the upkeep during the holidays overwhelms me. I wanted to create a centerpiece that would last through the month and that I didn’t have to think about.

I used my favorite faux green garland and laid it atop this fur runner. The garland is so realistic looking. And I just love how the green color pops against the fuzzy fur of the runner. I added in this cute black and white stripe ribbon. I wove it around the garland in no particular order. The look is a a little haphazard and unstructured, which I love.



Next, I added in battery-operated lights. I tucked a few inside the ceramic houses to illuminate them from within! I found these cute white ceramic houses at Target and I love seeing them lit up!


Modern Farmhouse Christmas Table


The finishing touch to this modern farmhouse Christmas table centerpiece is this little tree. I love how it has a simple Charlie Brown Christmas vibe to it!


Modern Farmhouse Christmas Table


Create a Modern Christmas Table Setting



The key to creating a modern farmhouse Christmas table is to keep the decorations pretty simple. A neutral palette of black and white accented by the bright green from the pine is the theme here.


Modern Farmhouse Christmas Table


I used my everyday neutral dishes for this modern Christmas table setting. The winter white is contrasted by the rustic wood table. And on top of each plate, I placed a sprig of fresh cedar, tied with black velvet ribbon. These would also be so beautiful with a name tag added for a more formal setting.


Neutral Simple Modern Farmhouse Christmas table

Neutral Modern Farmhouse Christmas Table


Use Napkins in place of tablecloth or chargers


I love to set my table without using a tablecloth. Allowing the rustic wood to take center stage is what creates that unique farmhouse vibe. And in lieu of placemats or chargers, I like to lay the napkin underneath the place setting. This is both functional and beautiful, don’t you think?


Modern Farmhouse Christmas table

Modern Farmhouse Christmas Table


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modern farmhouse christmas table

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xo, Ashley

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